Music Services

Music Services:

Guitarist Margaret Slovak is available for: solo, duo, trio and quartet performances featuring her original music, as well as jazz standards and bossa novas; Margaret provides music for private parties, weddings, and receptions. She also performs concerts featuring her original music and the display of her corresponding acrylic paintings.. In addition, Margaret provides therapeutic music in hospital, hospice, private home and healthcare settings;  


Guitar Lessons

Patient and informative guitar lessons taught by professional jazz guitarist, composer and recording artist Margaret Slovak. Margaret has 36 years of teaching experience, 36 years of experience as a professional musician, and was an adjunct music professor at several colleges and universities in Portland, Oregon. She earned a B.F.A. in Music from the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington (Magna Cum Laude). Margaret teaches children, teenagers, and adults; she also has experience teaching students with injuries and/or disabilities. She specializes in jazz and classically influenced jazz. Lessons include instruction on guitar technique, reading music, music theory, improvisation, repertoire development and composition. Margaret is a patient, caring and organized teacher; her goal is to help you find your own "voice" on the guitar.

Private lesson rates:

30-minute lessons: $30.00

45-minute lessons: $40.00

60-minute lessons: $50.00

Lessons are taught in your home in Austin, Texas.

A recent quote from a former student, Dr. S. Murphy: "I studied jazz guitar with Margaret Slovak in 2007 and 2008 in Portland, Oregon. She is a very knowledgeable and skilled teacher and musician who presented the lessons in an organized and progressive manner. I found her to be clear, patient, supportive, and encouraging. She has tremendous skill as a guitarist. Her depth of music knowledge and understanding of theory was extremely beneficial to me during the time I was her student. It was a great loss for me to lose her as a teacher when she moved back to New York. I would highly recommend her as a guitar teacher no matter what your level of skill."

A recent quote from Tito Mijares, former student in Brooklyn, NY: "Margaret was incredibly sensitivity to my needs. Signing up for jazz guitar lessons, I didn't think she'd put together a comprehensive program that involved lessons "away from the instrument"-- rhythm practice, sight reading, listening and composing that I came away not just a better guitar player but also a better musician. In short, Margaret doesn't just teach you to play the guitar, she lets you get "inside" the music!"