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Margaret releases a new CD!

Margaret Slovak officially released her second CD, "New Wings", on March 18th, 2005, with an elegant release concert in St. Anne's Chapel at Marylhurst University, located near Portland, Oregon. This new CD features eleven of Margaret's jazz/classical compositions, plus a jazz ballad and a song by Brazilian guitarist Egberto Gismonti. Five pieces are for solo guitar, and eight songs are performed by three different instrumental duos. The duos pair Slovak's nylon-string and electric guitars with steel-string guitarist Doug Smith, acoustic bassist Dave Captein, and jazz pianist George Mitchell. Margaret's original acrylic painting appears on the cover of the CD, and one of her pastel drawings appears inside the CD insert; the artwork corresponds to two of her musical pieces. Many of Margaret's compositions on this CD reflect her experiences playing music for patients in ICU, oncology, and trauma units in several Portland area hospitals and at Hopewell House Hospice. Margaret originally began to work on this CD in late November, 2002. However, she was involved in a car accident in early January, 2003, and sustained neck, back, arm, shoulder, and nerve injuries, which affected the function of her right hand. After two years of intense physical therapy and a process of adapting her technique, Margaret has regained about 70% of her right hand use. She was able to resume the recording of this disc in June, 2004; the CD was completed shortly before Christmas Day, 2004. The title cut and the cover painting,