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Gratitude - latest update!

Today I realized that it has been 30 years to the day since I received my BFA in Music from the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington! Even though I have now been playing for 43 years (since age 11), the receipt of my music degree on May 2nd, 1986 launched me onto a path as a professional musician. It has been a very interesting, challenging and rewarding path indeed! I am also filled with gratitude for the fact that I am still able to play and make my living (albeit humble) as a musician! I am forever in debt to my wonderful NYC surgeon, Dr. Steve K. Lee, who performed 6 of my 8 surgeries to repair damage to my right hand, arm, shoulder and brachial plexus due to a MVA in 2003 in Portland, Oregon. Over a period of 9 years, Dr. Lee, himself a guitarist, patiently diagnosed and repaired my injuries. My most recent surgeries were in 2014: a brachial plexus nerve repair and a right wrist nerve repair. Dr. Lee was assisted by the amazing Dr. Darren Schneider in the July 2014 brachial plexus surgery. After 8 surgeries and 100's of physical and occupational therapy sessions, I have regained about 75% of my right hand function; I continue to improve every month. I still use adaptive devices and techniques, but I am able to play 6 - 8 hours per day, and I do an average of 8 - 10 gigs per week between cancer centers, nursing homes, memory care units, hospice, restaurants, art galleries, and private parties. In addition to my solo work, I am also starting to play with other musicians again. I hope to begin playing concerts and return to recording and touring again soon. It has been a long road to recovery, but the experience has been rich and profound. I am also deeply appreciative for the incredible support I have received from my dear boyfriend, Brad Buchholz (a wonderful writer of words), who has been on his own healing journey due to a cancer diagnosis in 2010; he is doing well too! In addition, I thank my family, friends, teachers, mentors. fellow musicians, and all of the other doctors, nurses and physical therapists that have helped and uplifted me! I am composing new music again, and hope to record and release my 4th CD sometime in the next 18 months. Thank you; much love to you all!